Avian Influenza - Continued Restrictions on Poultry Gatherings

   03 May 2022

The Department of Agriculture, Food & The Marine has issued updated guidance on the current Avian Influenza situation. Poultry gatherings are still prohibited. Classes for table eggs are allowed.

Precautionary Confinement of Birds (Housing Order) to be lifted on 29th April 2022

  • Regulations introduced in November 2021 which require the confinement of poultry and captive birds are to be lifted from 29th April 2022 (Statutory Instrument No. 607 of 2021). All flock owners intending to allow birds to have outdoor access from this date must take action now to ensure those areas conform to best biosecurity practice. This will help minimise the potential for poultry and captive birds to come into contact with wild birds and potential environmental contamination with avian influenza viruses
  •  Additional biosecurity regulations introduced in November 2021 to help protect poultry and captive birds from avian influenza remain in force (Statutory Instrument No. 593 of 2021). High standards of biosecurity remain essential as infection can survive for weeks and may still be present in the environment. A related guidance document is available to view on the www.gov.ie/birdflu
  • A ban on bird gatherings, marts and assemblies for the purposes of show or sale also remains in place (Statutory Instrument No. 592 of 2021). NB. The highest levels of biosecurity are imperative during this period in all flocks irrespective of size.

Full Statement from DAFM

Avian Influenza Update No 5 of 2022 (2).pdf

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Full Statement from DAFM