Safety Seminar and Think Tank - Sligo

Safety Seminar and Think Tank - Sligo

 26 Mar 2023

The Board of the ISA have decided to organize a Safety/Think Tank Seminar in all Region during the Month of March before the start of the shows in the summer. These events are kindly sponsored by FBD Insurance. It was requested by Marsh’s our Insurance Brokers and the Underwriters that we hold these Seminars to keep you all up to date on Safety with the main aim to avoid accidents while staging our Shows. It has been quite a few years since we had Safety Seminars. In fact, these Seminars have not been held in the Eastern Region and the Western Region since 2018. It is 2011 since we have had one in the Southern Region and the Midlands Region so therefore, they are well overdue.
Dates and venues for all four Seminars are as follows:

Dates and venues for all four Seminars are as follows:



Date & Time

Eastern Region

Seven Oaks Hotel


Saturday 11th March @2pm

Southern Region

Firgrove Hotel


Sunday 12th March @1.30pm

Midlands Region

Lakeside Manor Hotel


Saturday 25th March

@ 1.30pm

Western Region

Southern Hotel


Sunday 26th March

@ 1.30pm

Please note: 
It is of the utmost importance that your Show is represented at this Seminar. We have left the option open that Shows can attend at any venue, whichever one suits your show. It is very important that Chief Safety Officers attend this Seminar. 
If your Show is not represented at this Seminar your Show could run the risk of having to pay an increased Insurance premium or maybe risk not getting cover at all. Our insurance underwriters will be seeking evidence of Shows having attended these Seminars.