Class 95: Basket of Vegetables

Results for Class 95

Basket of Vegetables

Class No: 95
1st Place
Entry No:  4
Name:  Kieran O'Keeffe, Waterford
Prize:  Rosette
2nd Place
Entry No:  5
Name:  Trevor Stevenson, Dublin
Prize:  Rosette
3rd Place
Entry No:  6
Name:  Chris Mcaleer, Dublin
Prize:  Rosette
4th Place
Entry No:  2
Name:  Ralph Quinlan, Limerick
Prize:  Rosette
5th Place
Entry No:  1
Name:  Mary Flanagan, Monaghan
Prize:  Rosette
6th Place
Entry No:  8
Name:  Olivia Buckley, Kerry
Prize:  Rosette
Entry No:  3
Name:  Brian Keeley, Leitrim
Entry No:  7
Name:  John Warren, Dublin
Entry No:  9
Name:  Mary Buckley, Kerry