Class 95

Class 95

  • Each exhibitor can only enter one exhibit per class, which must be the property of and be grown by the Exhibitor.
  • If entering on behalf of a third party, e.g. a child, you must create an exhibitor profile for them on your account (select "add new contact" in the exhibitor field).
  • Name of Child and Date of Birth is a requirement for entering certain classes. This information is solely for use by the Irish Shows Association CLG to determine eligibility for that competition.
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Adult Class 95: Basket of Vegetables

A basket of vegetables no fewer than 6 kinds of kitchen garden vegetables, mixed cultivars permitted, to be staged for effect.

Foliage and root growth may be trimmed for display purposes and herbs may be included.

One (landscape) photo required (the photo of the exhibit must be displayed with current newspaper and ensure the date or main headline is clearly visible)

Entry Fee: €0.00 Online entries are now closed. Prizes: 1st - Rosette, 2nd - Rosette, 3rd - Rosette, 4th - Rosette, 5th - Rosette, 6th - Rosette