Grant Regulations

By signing this acceptance form the Irish Shows Association (ISA) agree that:

  1. The Department will make a payment of €600,000 directly to the ISA.
  2. The objective of this grant is to assist each show in meeting the costs of running the show in 2020. The ISA will make a payment €3,000 to €5,000, as appropriate to each eligible show/committee before the end of November 2020.
  3. The grant will be distributed to eligible shows/committees based on the indicative listing attached.
  4. Under the scheme, all Show Associations / Committees will be required to submit Invoices (to the value of Grant) plus other information to the ISA to vouch for the funding (one month after their Show).
  5. The funding is to be used solely for the purpose of defraying the cost of running the show in 2020 and that the funding provided will only be used for the purposes outlined in this acceptance form.
  6. Any funding unspent by the end of November 2020 will be returned to the Department.
  7. The ISA will provide a full report of all expenditure to the Department by the end of December 2020.
  8. The Project Ireland 2040 logo will be displayed on official show documents etc.
  9. The ISA will undertake to process all applications for funding before the end of November 2020 and will provide a full report to the Department before the end of December 2020.
  10. The Agricultural Show Committee shall retain all information in relation to this grant until 31st December 2027.
  11. That no cost, or part thereof, for the activities outlined in this acceptance form has not already been spent nor goods or services purchased.
  12. That the Agricultural Show Committee shall acknowledge the support of the Government of Ireland on all publicity material and other documents produced.
  13. That information provided to the Department may be used by the Department on their websites or in publications.
  14. Information provided in this form may be disclosed by the Department in response to a request under the Freedom of Information Act 2014.
  15. That the Department shall be permitted to inspect and copy information in relation to this grant outlined in this form.
  16. That the Department may carry out inspections, audits or verification procedures and may require information to be furnished or exercise its rights of access in respect of same.
  17. To comply with the provisions of Data Protection legislation in force from time to time.
  18. The Department will ensure all due security measures will be taken to ensure the safeguarding of information as per the terms of Data Protection legislation.
  19. The Department shall not be liable to the Agricultural Show Committee or any other party in respect of any loss, damage or costs of any nature arising directly or indirectly from the subject matter of this acceptance form.
  20. The Department, their servants or agents, shall not at any time in any circumstances be held responsible or liable in relation to any matter whatsoever arising in connection with the development, planning, construction, operation, management and or administration of individual activities outlined in this acceptance form.

Please note that the Project Ireland 2040 logo can be obtained by contacting the secretary, Jim Harrison, or the P.R.O., Catherine Cotter,